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The scandal of student education: what it reveals about America's wealth

When the Ministry of Justice revealed on Tuesday that dozens of people were accused of participating in a scam bribe and lie to their children in educational institutions one question was raised: why?

These Parents – Actors Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, Casino Manager Gamal Abdelaziz and Vineyard Owner and Democratic Donor Agustin Huneeus – were generally wealthy. Their children did not need a degree from a selective college to support themselves – Loughlin's daughter Olivia didn't want to go to school in particular. So why do the criminal offenders just get your child to college?

Of course, some rich parents can go extraordinarily long in order to get their child to enter because they believe that university education is good for their children. But for some families who are accused of being involved in a scandal, something else can be in the game. The Graduate School's degree is "a sign of a position like Maserati or living in a right neighborhood," Paul Piff, Professor of Psychology at the University of California, who has studied social class, told Vox. "It is such a rat breed that is constantly trying to preserve and look for these status symbols that present to others that you are doing well."

For some parents, the child comes to a good school – even though they have to break the rules – can be a kind of proof that their wealth and social status have been earned. But the results can be damaging to both wealthy children and other students who really earned their place at school. After all, the adoption scandal could spur society's misunderstandings about prosperity and merit – if enough people are willing to pay attention

Even for rich people the child's access to the university is a sign of status

According to federal charges not opened on Tuesday William Rick Singer ran for the college's advisory business, helping her to get students to top universities – sometimes by donating officials and falsifying application materials. The parents involved in the scam were wealthy, high-profile people. And at least according to the prosecution, they had enough money to pay Singer five or six figures for their children to come to college.

Loughlin, who showed Becky's aunt at the show Full House and her husband, designer Mossimo Giannulli paid $ 500,000 to Singer and $ 50,000 to USC official to get one of their daughters to California school on charges. They did so claiming that the teen was a crew crew, even by staging a photo in which he was presenting a rowing machine, the documents say, and later repeating the process to his younger daughter, claiming to be a horse.

Loughl and Giannulli have to pay for fraud and have been released from bail

Giannulli started a clothing company Mossimo with long-term cooperation with Target – Mossimo's first three-year deal dealer's value was $ 27.8 million, according to the Wall Street Journal and continued several times. The couple launched the Bel Air Manor for $ 35 million in 2017; According to Realtor.com it was one of the many households they have renovated.

Many parents can see their school as a flag for their good work and financial stability. But parents who are in favor of Loughl and Giannulli appear to be occupying may already provide their children with financial security, with or without a college. So why break the law to get a child into a selective school? (USC announced a record number of applications in 2018 and a 13 percent adoption rate.)

College is not just getting a job, Piff explained. It's also a social status

"Money is only a small part" of the class and privilege in America, he said. "Another big part of this is with the right clubs, knowing what to do when you go to the restaurant, knowing what kind of restaurants are going to be when you read the right books."

appreciated, ”he added.

This is especially true for people who came wealthy without going to college or going to a selective university, said Lisa Birnbach, editor Official Preppy Handbook A humorous guide to wealthy WASP cultures. "I think there is a feeling that this will lift you," he said.

Olivia Giannulli, known as Olivia Jade on her popular YouTube channel has said that neither of her parents went to university. According to Town & Country Mossimo Giannulli attended the USC, but dropped out without completion.

The willingness to pull out all the stops so that children can reach educational institutions can be particularly significant among baby-parents. Birnbach.

”Sometimes it feels like there was a memo sent to my generation's people," he said, "and that the memo said to stop anything, to be crazy, the access and placement of your children's colleges and the degree are a total sign of your location on the social layers of this country . "

" Not that we loved our children more than our parents, but we take care of them, we floated over them as our parents didn't do, "Birnbach said

” Today's parents, especially mothers, spend more time and money on their children than no previous generation – for example, for lessons, tutors and test projects, Kevin Quealy and Claire Cain Miller report in New York Times . In a study conducted by technology and media company Morning Consult for the Times, 76 percent of parents aged 18-28 said they had reminded their children of their deadlines, and 74 percent said they had had medical appointments for adults. 19659020] At the same time, people in a higher socio-economic category are more likely than others to believe that their status is "fairly determined and fair" and some of them are people, Michael W. Kraus, a Yale social psychologist who is studying inequality, Vox said. He said your child would be put into an elite school,

. "You may be wealthy now, but if your children do not achieve the same level of success as you, maybe it is proof that it was good luck," he explained. "Such a personal threat is part of what can motivate you" to participate in the twilight, as Loughl and Giannulli are accused of.

Bribing Your Children to School Retains the Meritocracy Myth

Parents may be justified by using the singer's "doorway" as a "normal way" for recognition, Kraus said – especially when there are abundant legal ways that people with money can de facto buy their children their way to school.

But besides taking places that could fill their hard-working students, playing the system to practice kids in college can reinforce some of America's deepest misconceptions about wealth and social status, experts say.

The idea that wealthy people have all worked and deserved their wealth is "a sacred value in this country," Piff said.

"It is baked in an American dream," he explained, and if we believe that rich people deserve all their money, we are more likely to tolerate the great gap between rich and poor.

allegedly paying their children to the schools they had not received, parents accused of this scandal may have retained this meritocracy myth.

Many of the parents who worked with Singer kept their efforts secret from their children, according to charges. As a result, Kraus said that the children of wealthy families might end up in the university without being aware of the unfair system that made them there.

“You basically have a lot of unprecedented privilege for people who don't even know they have a privilege they're looking for,” he explained. "And then other people must interact with them."

But now, Piff said that the entry scandal could cause a lot of people to reassess their beliefs about prosperity and success when the Americans understand how wealthy people can buy things – like

” he added: "Our tolerance for economic inequality begins to crumble." [19659032]
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